Mentoring Through Action (MTA)

Leadership Program


To improve students’ academic performance, transition negative behaviors into positive thoughts, responses, and actions, and improve overall self-esteem through individual assistance, insightful life teachings, and physical fitness activities while bridging the gap between students, parents, schools, and communities.

Mentoring Through Action (MTA) Leadership Program

The Mentoring Through Action (MTA) Leadership Program is designed to assist students with their academics and personal growth. Through homework assistance, daily encouragement, parental support and structured physical fitness activities, students learn the importance of effective communication, teamwork, responsibility, commitment, perseverance, and problem solving. Students receive mentoring and tutoring services from supportive teachers and peer mentors, including high school and college interns, as well as community members. Students also participate in life skills and enrichment activities.

MTA’s philosophy is built on research and evidence-based strategies including restorative practices, risk and resiliency, classroom management, violence prevention, conflict resolution, strength based programming and Positive Behavior Intervention Support (PBIS) in Response To Intervention (RTI).

MTA Leadership Program offer both, school-based and community-based programs. Programs are conducted in before, during and after school settings. MTA Leadership Program is evidence-based and uses strength-based methodology to deliver all of it’s services.

The Key to our Success: We establish bonds, set rules and standards (Commitment, Acceptance, and Expectations), with a fair, firm and consistent approach.

Allow us the opportunity to discuss ways of implementing our K-12 Mentoring Through Action (MTA) Leadership Program model into your school district/organization.

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MTA Leadership Program

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